The golden autumn season, green Masteel, Technology Masteel, cultural Masteel colorful, magnificent.
On September 15, sponsored by the China steel structure association, masteel co., LTD, the Yangtze river delta development of steel industry chain in collaboration with the commission's heavy hot-rolled h-beam application conference and Chinese steel structure of the expert committee of six second meeting, in masteel has the reputation of "the chiangnan flower", is the theme of the conference: condensed outstanding ability of steel structure, prefabricated innovation.

, honorary President of Chinese Academy of Engineering, China steel structure association, jian-guo nie, a professor at national tsing hua university, Chinese Academy of Engineering, China communications construction group chief engineer, vice director of China highway xi-gang zhang, the Chinese Academy of Engineering research institute, China steel structure association President, China metallurgical construction co., LTD., chairman of the board of directors qing-rui yue, etc., with nearly 300 Chinese from all over the country representatives gathered in maanshan steel structure experts, mutual discussion and talk about the product application significance, and points out that this year April 28 in masteel built the first domestic heavy H production line, has completely broke the products abroad in the Chinese market monopoly,
It can meet the high-end demand of domestic and overseas high-rise buildings, electric power, chemical industry, bridge, airport, ship, tunnel and other industries.

The application of steel-concrete structure to tamp the popularization foundation of heavy H-beam

Over the past 20 years, Masteel has developed a large number of high-tech products through independent innovation, self-accumulation and effective cooperation with relevant institutions of higher learning, which has satisfied many key projects at home and abroad.
Nie Jianguo said that although masteel's hot-rolled H-beam has many advantages in underground engineering structure, it also faces challenges such as wide range of fields, large quantity, high performance demand, great construction difficulty and great innovation difficulty.
The reason for this understanding is that there is no best structure for engineering structures, only applicable structures.
Steel-concrete structures can take advantage of the advantages of steel and concrete, which can provide choices for solving the problems in structural engineering, developing new structural systems and realizing high-performance structures.
In other words, the adoption of steel-concrete structure can make the structure more reasonable, reduce the use of concrete, improve the stiffness and durability.
Through the construction of some large engineering projects in China, people in the industry will personally feel that the steel mixed structure has realized their own complementary advantages, which is mainly reflected in that steel constrains concrete and improves crack resistance, while concrete constrains steel and improves stability.
From the use of heavy h-beam application and popularization, we can't completely target at some major projects, and aiming at state of transformation of dilapidated house of water conservancy, at any time, underground pipe network engineering, basic services, such as truly size project mechanism innovation, idea innovation, service innovation, technological innovation, the construction innovation, management innovation, laying solid foundation heavy h-beam promotion.

Improve steel performance to build beautiful Bridges in China

40 years of reform and opening-up, the Chinese bridge after three development stages, namely, 1980 years of study and pursue, tracking and improving of the 1990, 2015 years of innovation and beyond, in the world's top 10 of each type of bridge, China accounted for half, and the China aerospace, transportation, China telecom, China is, China's new energy to become the national six big card, bridge with material gradually localization at the same time, some international leading material performance, especially the health monitoring system is widely used, testing technology and equipment for the professional, intelligent and kind.
Academician Zhang Xigang said that there are still many problems and technical challenges in bridge construction and maintenance in China at present.
It is mainly manifested in low bridge demand consistency, low level of material research and development and industrialization, insufficient standard design, small market share of domestic analysis software, weak function and other pain points.
Therefore, the solution of these problems requires the careful guidance of experts from all aspects of China Steel Structure Association, and more importantly, the full cooperation of the industrial chain.
Masteel as the nation's first heavy h-beam production factory, shall assist and cooperate with association of basic theory and method, for further research to strengthen the new bridge, the new system structure of the steel material prospective study, strengthen more severe under the action of disaster prevention and reduction method of the theory of research, production and development of the high strength, high performance of heavy h-beam series products, to build a beautiful bridge China and traffic powers strategic contribution wisdom and strength of masteel.

Increase the market share in the future heavy H-type development can be expected

"Masteel is the pioneer and leader of hot-rolled h-beam, since its completion in 1998 took the lead in the domestic first H steel production line, masteel cumulative development of nearly 100 brands, more than 600 varieties of specifications of hot-rolled h-beam, products widely used in the national grand theatre, the bird's nest stadium and Russia yamal arctic gas engineering, Kenny amon inside the landmark projects such as railway, the research and development and production has become a domestic h-beam the most competitive enterprises.
But in the field of heavy H-beam steel production, China has long been a blank, the market has been monopolized by the four major overseas producers."
To break the overseas monopoly, Masteel started construction of the world's fifth and China's first heavy-duty H-section steel production line in September 2017, said Wu Baoqiao, director of masteel's technology center section Steel Research Institute.
With an annual output capacity of 800,000 tons, the height, width and flange thickness of the product can reach 1108mm, 476mm and 115mm respectively.
The adoption of the world's advanced technology such as near final shaped billet continuous casting, full protection casting, hydraulic AGC, dynamic axis adjustment DAA, small tension control and super fast cooling after rolling can effectively improve the cleanliness of molten steel, product appearance size, dimension control accuracy and product flatness.

In the first month of production this year, 1,500 tons of high-strength heavy H-beam steel were sent to Hong Kong for customers to use.
Wu baoqiao is happy to say that in order to promote the application of heavy H-beam, the Section Steel Sub-committee of China Steel Structure Association held a standard review meeting in Yinchuan city in August 2019.
In June this year, the standard public.
The standard specifies the order contents, codes, dimensions, shapes, weights and tolerances, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, marks and quality certificates for heavy H-beam steel.
"With the standard, advanced technical preparation, a series of development capabilities, and relying on the design and research institute and customers widely recognized, China's heavy H-beam domestic application of the spring will surely come.
Wu Baoqiao's face is brimming with confidence.

Accelerate the domestic application of heavy H-beam
Time: 2021-01-29